Symbolic psychograms. A new line of jewelry designer Olga Prokopova. This project is a unique example of the integration of jewelry and academic science.

The collection is presented in the form of signet rings - female and male, available in silver, platinum, white, yellow and pink gold. Each ring is handmade using various ways of drawing personal symbolic psychograms - from traditional jewelry engraving techniques to the use of modern laser technologies.

From the point of view of academic science, a symbolic psychogram is a special restimulating material that switches memory mechanisms to specific groups of tasks. Exactly the memory is a huge reservoir, in which there is a huge power potential. In addition, memory is a powerful root system, in which knowledge accumulated by many generations is laid. Herewith each person can access them. In each specific case, a symbolic psychogram is created taking into account personal characteristics and those spheres of life in which a person wants to succeed. Since there are no two identical symbolic psychograms, more than 40 rules must be taken into account to create each crest.

The creation of such a product was made possible thanks to the cooperation of Volha Jewelry with the Institute of Memory, which inherited the scientific base in the field of human memory research of the outstanding Soviet academician Grigoriy Semenovich Popov. In fact, a symbolic psychogram is a crest, it consists of a group of symbols that trigger certain mechanisms of human memory. Over time, the crest becomes an instrumental magnet. All that is necessary to trigger these mechanisms is regular visual contact with the product on which the symbolic psychogram is plotted.